Chaniece+Isaac: Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. Engagement Session (Albuquerque Wedding Photographer)
Wednesday, July 06, 2016
By Matt Blasing Photography
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For those who know us, it's no secret that we love good beer, and that not just any beer will do. Let's face it, we're beer snobs who will only drink out of a can or bottle if no great draft option exists (we're those people a little bit, sorry not sorry). When it comes to beer, we prefer to keep it local and support local breweries. So when Chaniece and Isaac suggested having their engagement session in a local brewery, there was only one very obvious, almost painfully enthusiastic response.

We reached out to the fine folks at our favorite local establishment, Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, and were THRILLED when they said we could use their space. We're Mug Club members, of course, and it's our go-to not only when we have empty growlers to fill, but also for family meals out. The kids choose this place every time. Sam loves the Sierra Blanca pizza, and Em has to have their macaroni and cheese (I could swear that her blood is partially pasteurized by now). If you haven't been to Turtle Mountain, TRUST US and try them out. Put all the pizza and beer and calzones and hot wings and fish & chips and burgers in your face. You can thank us later.

They're not paying us to say this, I swear. But I digress.

TMBC was awesome enough to pour a pint for the bride and groom to be. They chose their own beers, and we loved the color combo of the light and dark varieties they chose. Just perfect. I'm sure it was hard for them to wait for that first sip while we got some photos, but they obliged us anyway.

We even went in the back for a few shots, and Chaniece had the amazing idea to write their wedding date on one of the kegs so she could use a photo in her save the dates. Brilliant! 

We ended our session out on the patio where we were joined by Chaz, Chaniece and Isaac's fur baby. He was playing a HUGE part in this big day, so he'd had lots of practice. Luckily, no rings (or dogs) were harmed in the making of these photos. 

Is that a gorgeous ring or WHAT?? 

And there you have it. A girl, a guy, a dog, a beautiful ring, and a shared love of great beer. 

Congrats to Isaac and Chaniece! We can't wait for your wedding day. And a huge thank you to our good friends at Turtle Mountain Brewing Company. We'll be seeing you. Soon and often.


Matt & Amy

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