Desiree+Mark: ABQ Gardens Engagement: Albuquerque, New Mexico Wedding and Engagement Photography
Sunday, August 07, 2016
By Matt Blasing Photography
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Meet Desiree and Mark.

These two met on a blind date. They actually didn't think they had much in common on that first date, but they decided to spend some more time together and see what happened. It's a good thing they did, because these two are meant to be together.

 According to Desiree, "He won my heart because he was so sweet and caring."

Some fun facts about this couple?

They have a tradition of going to the movies together every Sunday. And they love to spend time cuddled up on the couch, catching up on their favorite TV shows. Hmmmmm. That sounds a lot like what we do here at the Blasing Residence. 

You just can't help but love these two. 

We first met Desiree at a wedding show earlier this year. Within minutes of the show's start, she came to our table and said she wanted us to photograph her wedding. Since the show had just started, we asked if she had made the rounds and seen any of the other vendors, since we didn't want her to just make a quick decision. We encouraged her to walk around and come back if she still knew we were the ones for her, and within about ten minutes, she was back with a huge smile on her face.

It means the world to us when couples love our work so much that they just KNOW they have to have us. We're honored to be Desiree and Mark's photographers. 

They are planning a May 2017 wedding that will take place at the base of the Sandia Tram. They've chosen pastel colors in their planning, and what's most important to them is being surrounded by their family and friends on their day. 

Side note - look at this ring! Mark, you did GOOD.

Congrats to Desiree and Mark. We are so happy to know you, and honored to be a part of your happy ever after.

We can't wait for your wedding day.


Matt and Amy


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