Disneyland With Justin and Wade (Southwest Photographer, Disney Photographer)
Tuesday, June 02, 2015
By Matt Blasing
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Good afternoon, everyone! My, oh my. Where to begin... ah, Disneyland! 

This past week, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a road trip with my family that spanned many locations from here to Sunset Beach, with some photo sessions sprinkled in. Contrary to what you might think, the trip was ALL play, since I have a hard time considering photo sessions with my clients as "work." I was truly torn up by which session to blog about today, since they were all amazing, and all were my first times doing photo sessions in these locations. I had a session on the beach, one at Disneyland, one at Floyd Lamb park in Las Vegas (which is GORGEOUS), and one at the amazing Nelson Ghost Town, which I'll be discussing in another blog, I'm sure.

Due to my enthusiasm, I digress. Back to the subject at hand, which is actually Wade and Justin's family. This is Wade and his husband Justin.

And these are their two gorgeous girls, Apryl and Reiney. Blessed with the gift of wisely choosing the sassiest boots around.

Getting to any Disney park at rope-drop (opening time) is crucial. That's the only way I got to spend a morning with these four cruising Main Street, USA. We painted the town about as much as one can paint a town at 8:00 in the morning, thanks to coffee.

I came to know Justin this past January when Amy and I did the first leg of our honeymoon in Disneyland. Justin used to work with Amy in Las Vegas, and I see why she likes him so much. Justin's a spitfire with a HUGE personality and a great sense of humor, both of which kept me in stitches the entire night the three of us hung out. Right off the bat, he compared me to his husband because of our height (he's around 6-foot-eighty, VERY tall). That night I met him, he talked about Wade and the girls, which made me excited to finally meet them all. They're just as awesome as he described.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad makes for a great backdrop to any family session at Disney, because the screams of parkgoers warms my heart. I love that ride, and it's much less terrifying than Snow White's Scary Adventures or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

We're in New Orleans Square, which is one of my favorite spots in Disneyland that contains Club 33, Pirates of the Carribean, and the Haunted Mansion. It's also the home of Blue Bayou, the outdoor-looking indoor restaurant you pass while on the "Pirates" ride. Because, like you, when I think of adventure and salty old pirates, I think Louisiana homestyle cajun cooking and iced tea with lemon.

So much color! Red looks great on them. And of course I couldn't pass the opportunity to capture them in front of my favorite ride at Disney...

...the Haunted Mansion. And no Disneyland photo session would be complete without...

...rectangular shrubbery. Kidding. Of course I mean the Sleeping Beauty castle.

The love that Wade and Justin have for these girls is unlike any that I see from a lot of parents, and these girls love their dads so much. I absolutely can't wait to get back out to California and see them again.

Well that's it for today, my friends. It's been great chatting with you. Until next time, make a wish and do as dreamers do.



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Matt Blasing - Oh, come on now Justin, et.al. Youse guys are KILLING me here (trying not to get choked up). Trust me, I wish I would have had WAY more time with you. Had there not been hordes of park-goers that morning, I would have dragged you to California Adventure to get shots at the winery and in Cars Land/Radiator Springs! I guess that just means that we know what we'll be doing next time I'm in Anaheim. ;)

To Wade, thank you for being perfect for Justin. I'm truly appreciative that I was able to meet you and can't wait to hang out next time I'm there. To Apryl and Reiney, you both ROCKED this photo session (thank you for being so well-behaved). It was a privilege and an honor to meet you both.
Justin Monroe-Mitchelson - Matt,

You're AMAZING!!!! You truly have a talent that is insurmountable. From the angles you shoot from, your eye for "that perfect moment", the way Sam and Emma's eyes light up when they see you, the glow around Amy when you hug her, or just you being you. We have found a special bond in you. A friendship that WILL last a lifetime. You draw that sort of happiness out of people when you take that perfect shot! Your countless "ah, that's beautiful" every time you took a picture reaffirmed to us that you knew that perfect shot was taken. Your style is something celebrity-like and epic. I hope everything I have said does not come across "cheesy" and in an ass kissing sort of way but, true. This was collectively written by Wade, Apryl, Reiney and, myself. We have found that perfect artist to, from here on out, take our family photos. But most of all, we got the priveledge of growing closer to you all! We love you guys!
Audra Somes - they are a beautiful family and these are amazing pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
Amy - Love, love, love this!