Location Spotlight: Hartnett Park (Albuquerque Photographer)
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
By Matt Blasing
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Good morning, folks! Feels like it's been forever! 

Seriously, it does. Amy and I have been making some changes in an attempt to streamline both our photography business and our household. We're booking weddings, preparing for two workshops and a wedding this week and a bridal fair next week, and have had our hands full with this little guy.

This is Dug, AKA Dug-Dug, AKA Wub-Wub, AKA Douglas Franklin Blasing (which is what I call him only when he's in BIG trouble), AKA Franklin De'Wub. Why name him "Dug?" Well, if you've seen the Pixar movie "Up," you'll definitely understand. Even when we picked him up in Denver, he had a face that said, "My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you. HI HI HIHI HIHIHIHI HI HIHI HI. SQUIRREL." After the first few nights of his barking and hourly potty sessions, which were pretty rough, we were starting to feel old and cranky like Ed Asner. Now get off my lawn.

Today, we're continuing our "Location Spotlight" series by talking about an old favorite, a solid year-round go-to location: Hartnett Park. 

So why Hartnett? So many reasons if a park session is your thing. We've got a stable. We've got evergreens. We've got old fences and open space. For a small, plain looking area, there's more to it than meets the eye when it comes to year-round versatility. No matter what time of year it is, you can use this in your photos...

The stable barn thingy. Whatever it's called. So much personality with its stucco finish and blue doors and shutters. All four sides have personality, so if you're taking your photos at a time of day when the sun is especially bright, harsh, and unflattering, you're sure to find some shade in this area.

The blue doors create a great backdrop if you're looking for a pop of cool color...

...and the stucco works just as well if it's an earthy, muted backdrop you're looking for. Or if you're a kiddo in need of showing off your sassy attitude.

Hartnett has a lot of different areas for a park that size, looking like your photo session was taken in multiple locations. If you change the angle of the shot, you'd never know that this photo...

...and this photo...

...were taken about 20 feet away from each other. The indoor awning at the stable gives great shade and a different rural look, whether you're an old cowboy, or a one-year-old with the ears of a bun-bun.

Across from the stable is a pathway against an old fence that's lined with evergreens. Even if our session is in the winter and you're still wanting to have it outdoors with some greenery, this path with evergreens will do the trick. Although it holds up well in the winter, the greens are definitely more bright and brillliant in the summer.

The above photo was taken in early January. The trees are bare, but the environment still feels warm and welcoming, almost reminiscent of falltime.

Green grass AND a blue door. Together. Great combination. Boom.

Well there it is for today, folks. I'm looking forward to getting back into the blogging groove now that the kids are back in school (YAY! Spontaneous cutaway!).

It's great to be back. On behalf of my wife, kids, and Dug, I wish you a wonderful week this week. Talk to you soon.



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