Throwback: The Brichta Family (Albuquerque Photographer)
Thursday, March 05, 2015
By Matt Blasing
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The first Throwback entry happens on a Thursday! In this house, we don't limit fond reminiscence to one day a week. 

One word: Brichta. This is Brichta:

This is Patrick and Sara with their son Ariel, better known as Ari. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph them last fall, subjecting them to being my poster children for family portrait sessions and being printed on business cards that fill the pockets of new potential clients everywhere.

The first time I ever met Ari, he looked like this:

Patrick and Sara, although exhausted, were so thrilled to welcome him into the world. Working with the two of them in a previous job, I got to know this family over the last few years.

Here, Patrick demonstrates what is known to most mothers as "#1 cause of new mom chest pain." In addition to being skilled in making his son laugh, Patrick is also one amazing cook. My first time at their house for dinner was a truly humbling experience. In the cooking world, he is the Lady Gaga to my Ke$ha.

Here, one thing is certain: Ari loves his mom (and turkey beanies). When he grows up, I pray he inherits her quick wit and sense of humor.

Lots of laughs...

...and lots of love. I'm thrillled that I can call these people my friends.


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Amy - Love these images. What a beautiful family!