Hands Down, #1 Choice

"What can I say about Matt and his AMAZING talent in the field of photography? I can say you WILL NOT be disappointed! Matt has an eye for the natural and organic aspect of how a photo should be taken. It's pure art. Since we are a same-sex family and have children through adoption, keeping my family safe and feeling comfortable is of utmost importance. Matt exceeded our expectations by providing a sound, safe and conducive environment for my family. We had our first family photos taken at Disneyland, at the suggestion of Matt, and he couldn't have chosen a better location. The scenery was AMAZING!!! It's also very apparent why he is so amazing around children. To see him around his beautiful wife Amy and the glow in his eyes when he sees his children, Sam and Emma, is truly the reason why he displays his talent through the art of photography. Matt would be a hands-down, #1 choice for LGBT families as well as ALL families!!!"

- Justin M.
Fullerton, CA