"Wow! Seriously, WOW! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Matt has mastered serious skill in photography. His photos are absolutely great! However, in conjunction with his keen eye, photographic techniques and advanced tool set, what sets Matt and Amy apart are their ability to remain absolutely professional while creating a relationship with you that makes you feel comfortable and connected. From our very first meeting with Matt (and email conversations with Amy thereafter) we knew that Matt Blasing Photography would capture our wedding day! It didn't take long for Matt to see that we are two very fun-loving, zest-for-life sort of people. During our photo engagement session, which was an absolute blast, he let us be just that! For that reason, we walked away with images that captured more than just our smiles, a beautiful background, and my beautiful hair (ha ha just kidding). His photos were expressions of our who we are extremely happy, in love and grateful for life! And the kicker - each image was well colored and balanced! I'm not sure that we could have done all that with anyone else. In addition to the above, Matt and Amy have been very responsive with any concerns we have and their timeliness is extraordinary. I send my questions in emails or texts, and within a short time we hear back. Plus, what other couples can say they received a box of goodies and thank you card from their photographer? We can! Matt and Amy sent us a thank you package for choosing them to take our wedding/engagement photos. How cool is that!? We are so grateful for having met Matt and Amy, because now we have someone that can capture all of our life's great moments!"

- Anita B.
Santa Fe, NM
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