"WOW! Every bride has her thoughts and expectations for her wedding day and when it comes down to the DAY all thoughts are geared around those dreams and some nerves will take over wanting it to be perfect. Well... I have to say that our wedding day was perfect not only the way I dreamed of it but the way Josh wanted it as well. We as the Bride and Groom only get to see the day through our eyes and very minimal throughout the day. I have to say the Matt and Amy captured every moment that we couldn't see and just the way I pictured them too be. We are in complete ahh... of their work. Looking back at them I shed tears of joy and happiness not only because its my wedding day but because of Matt and Amy's talent. Knowing Matt for awhile he has always been pleasant to be around. Funny when needed and professional when called upon. 

Thank you so much for making our day even more special. We will be using you next for those family pics."

- Angela R.
Albuquerque, NM